“The first period of life between birth and six is one of preparation, and the more we can do to assist the development, the more we will be doing for the subsequent periods of life in every way – mentally, physically and intellectually. Do not transmit merely knowledge, but take care of this life which has the possibility of bettering all life. It is a great thing to do, yet so simple.”

– Dr. Maria Montessori, The 1946 London Lectures

The child has a unique relationship with their environment – they use every experience, interaction and exploration in creating themselves. So, the education that we offer must begin at birth and not be limited to just learning to read or write; it should help the child live, love and care for all life. For this, we must look into our homes and our everyday lives, which seem so insignificant but make lasting impressions on the young child’s susceptible mind.

“Respect these little bodies because the power of the child is the beginning of everything.”

– Dr. Maria Montessori, The 1946 London Lectures

Srishti is a drop in the ocean. I am an AMI certified (Association Montessori Internationale) guide for children from Birth to Six years. I also hold a Masters in Early Childhood Education. My hope with Srishti is to create a platform that will inspire us to reflect on our thoughts and actions, thereby helping us create holistic environments to raise curious, responsible and joyful children.

At Srishti, you will find:

  • Articles that focus on my ongoing understanding of the child from birth to six years
  • Interviews of parents and caregivers who hold a treasure of wisdom
  • Recipes that are tailored for children to participate in the kitchen
  • Weaning recipes that introduce cultural foods to young children
  • Everyday anecdotes of little children living their lives

and so much more . . .